Games Like To The Moon

Games like To The Moon
In the future, scientists have invented a truly incredible and amazing technology: they have found a way to enter the minds of willing patients, and re-arrange their memories, creating new ones where none had previously existed, to allow people to believe that they had legitimately done something that had never truly happened.

If you are looking for more games like To The Moon, you will be happy to know there are many other touching RPG games that share the same graphics, narrative structure, most of which also have incredibly moving soundtracks!

Due to the potentially confusing outcome of this treatment, it is reserved for the elderly, who are on death’s door and wish to have a dream fulfilled that they could not accomplish in life. Accomplishing this can help the patients move peacefully into death, with the firm belief that they had accomplished something great while they were alive.

So, when an old man approaches two scientists as his health begins to fail, he asks them to help him fulfill one final wish: he wants to go to the moon. While these scientists explore his sedated mind, they must work through his memories one by one from his childhood, and in the process, discover exactly what has driven this strange old man to be so determined to go to the moon.

They will bear witness to a story of love and loss that many of us are able to relate to, all in the hopes that they can bring this old man some measure of peace in his final moments.

If you are looking for more touching narrative adventures that will move you to tears as surely as To The Moon has, we have a few options for you.

9 Best Games Similar To To The Moon


OneShot preview

Metacritic Rating: 84

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley preview

Metacritic Rating: 89


Undertale preview

Metacritic Rating: 92


EarthBound preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures preview

Metacritic Rating: 77

Why Am I Dead At Sea

Why Am I Dead At Sea preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter preview

Metacritic Rating: 84


Alicemare preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a


LISA preview

Metacritic Rating: 78

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