Games Like Battleborn

Games like Battleborn
Battleborn is a unique shooting experience which allows you to access a bunch of battles and fights. The game includes more than 30 heroes which are available during the story. Many games like Battleborn have the similar concept but we promise you’ll have a really good time with this game.

In the general pack of the game, there are not many heroes available. However, you are able to purchase more heroes during the play as well as to upgrade existent characters. In case you opt for the full game, you will have all 25 heroes available from the beginning of the game. Each hero you choose has the particular personality and weapons.

Battleborn experience is the specific multiplayer game with the possibility to include up to 10 players in 5×5 matches. There are several modes of playing – Incursion, Meltdown, Capture, and Face-off. For example, in Incursion mode heroes should protect the base from the minions while the Meltdown mode focuses on following minions to the central map of death.

As for the progression of the characters, each of them can advance in two systems – character rank and command rank. The game includes many fractions as the Peacekeepers (who protect the soul), the Eldrid (for order protection), the Rogues (mercenaries), the Last Light Consortium (as war profiters) and Jennerit Empire.

11 Best Games Similar to Battleborn


Paladins preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 preview

Metacritic Rating: 82


Titanfall preview

Metacritic Rating: 86

Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb preview

Metacritic Rating: 63

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 preview

Metacritic Rating: 92

Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors preview

Metacritic Rating: 65


Overwatch preview

Metacritic Rating: 91


LawBreakers preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a


Warframe preview

Metacritic Rating: 68

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 preview

Metacritic Rating: 86


Gigantic preview

Metacritic Rating: n/a

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